Buying Online Medication

Buying Online Medication for Your Dog

             The rising cost of health care is affecting most people, but also our canine companions.  Pure breeds tend to have more health issues, but all of our pets will at some time in their lives need medication, and other health related products even if it is just flea and tick repellents or vitamins.  

            My 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have had many health issues in the past few years, including cancer, chronic urinary tract infections, heart murmur, and the dreaded syringomyelia.

            Syringomyelia (SM) is a very serious condition in which a section of the skull is too small and prevents cerebrospinal fluid to flow naturally.  The condition is also known as the “neck-scratcher’s disease” as one of the common symptoms is the unsuccessful attempt by the dog to scratch its neck.  The hind leg moves through the air as if the dog were pedaling a bicycle.

            C.C., who is 7 years old, was diagnosed with syringomyelia when she was 5 ½ years old.  She had an MRI and lumbar puncture to diagnose the condition, and has been on steroids daily to reduce the swelling.

            Riece, who is also 7 years old, was diagnosed with cancer which presented as a dark mole on his lower lip.  The veterinary surgeon was able to remove the mole and repair his lip.

            Lulu, who is 10 years old, was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and has had chronic urinary tract infections since she has been a puppy.  She has been on and off antibiotics for most of her life, and now she is on a constant regiment of medication to control the infections.

            In the past year I have visited the veterinarian, and specialty veterinarians, at least once a month.  I have incurred the cost of the visits, as well as operations, procedures, and medications.

          Our veterinarian, a kind and loving person, suggested that I should search the Internet and order the medications for Lulu and C.C. online, as the cost is usually far lower.

          At first, I was a bit leery about ordering medications online, but the veterinarian assured me that the process was legitimate, economical, and easy.  She also said that she recommends this option to many pet owners whose pets have chronic conditions that require medication.

        She said I should shop around and compare prices.  Once I decided on a pet medication website the process was quite easy.

         I chose

         My vet had written down the name of the drug and the dosage, and gave me the option to choose the amount of pills I wanted to purchase.  Once I filled out the online form, including the vet’s information, the website contacted her.  She approved the order and I received a package within 5-7 business days.

         At the veterinarian’s office Lulu’s medication cost $180 per month.  Online ordering enabled me to reduce this cost significantly.  I now receive a 3 month supply for $200, a savings of $113.00 per month.

         While Lulu’s medication is costly, C.C.’s medication costs are the same whether I bought them in the vet’s office or on the Internet.  I opted to continue to purchase C.C.’s medication at the veterinarian’s office, as it is within walking distance, they fill the prescription within 24 hours, and I do not have to spend a day waiting for a delivery.

         Depending on the medication and the flexibility of your veterinarian, online medication orders are extremely helpful for managing the fiscal aspect of your pet’s health.

         Listed below are a few of the sites that I visited. They all post prices for their products, and I was able to create a comparison chart. Please make sure to speak with your veterinarian before you place your order as he or she will have to approve the prescription.

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